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TNTnames.com sold, Legalize.co to domain investor, Kevin Faler for an undisclosed amount of money. Kevin came up with a mastermind plan to form a marijuana movement modeled after norml.org in effort to inform U.S. residents on the law as it relates to the use of recreational marijuana. He has received emails from around the nation from activists who are requesting chapter coverage in their respective regions. Moreover, Kevin was contacted by Steve Lach who is one of the founding fathers of the marijuana movement. Steve was best friends with Jack Herer who was deemed to be the “Founder of Marijuana” until his passing a few years ago. Steve who has been selling custom made pipes since 1973 sells specifically to celebrities such as: Cheech and Chong, Paul Kantner, Cecilio & Kapono, Aerosmith, Fleetwood Mac, Jesse Colin Young, Bob Marley, Loggins & Messina, and Keith Stroup of NORML were among many celebrities presented Celebration Pipes by “Da Piper” and Tom Moffatt Productions. Kevin met with Steve this past week in Los Angeles, CA. at the Green Festival where business was discussed in relation to the advertisement aspect of Legalize.co and a joint effort to further the movement of Legalize.co. Kevin also met with several other top distributors of Hemp products in reference to advertisement on Legalize.co… pretty exciting with several offers on the table for advertisement sales. On a side note, Kevin was also interviewed by Go.CO in where, legalize.co will be featured on their respective site as a well developed .co domain name as a part of GO.co’s new membership roll-out.

Moving on, Kevin, authored a petition addressed to President Barack Obama for the use of recreational use of marijuana utilizing Legalize.co website as his platform. The petition is an official government petition which calls for 25,000 signatures within in a 30 day time frame. Interestingly enough, when asked how he planned to fetch such an exorbitant amount of signatures within such a short time span. He said he has been fortunate enough to have a Facebook page with about 1500 members and plans on pitching it to them. The campaign is mostly one….of word of mouth and will mainly be exposed to members of social networking sites such as Branchout where Kevin has 1900 contacts and Linkedin where he has a network following of about 800 members. Additionally, Kevin boasts a 25,000 secret email list in which he mostly uses for domain brokering but will email his loyal customers and friends as well. He has another 50,000 email list which consist mostly of business owners and tech type professionals which he has collected over the past several years and has kept filtered regularly. Kevin said it is all in fun and if it happens great…if not that he will continue to push forward.

So then, since Kevin has purchased Legalize.co from TNTNames.com he has been super busy and has met some pretty interesting people along the way. I asked Kevin what he liked most about Legalize.co and he clearly said he loves the adventure of taking a domain name and massaging it and molding it into a life form and doing business. I gathered talking to Kevin that he is very honest and has a great deal of integrity and merely wants the best for people. He said one common email he receives daily is this, “Hey where can I buy the good stuff?”…lol Please take a look at the petition I mentioned earlier….listed below.

Government Petition Link:

This petition is of and for the people for the reform of the use of recreational marijuana with regulation control in effort to further assist medical marijuana patients and the general public over the age of 18 years old. This petition is a request to legalize the use of recreational marijuana. All inquiries may email: admin@legalize.co.


Legalize.co a streaming news website bringing you up to date news on the legalization of recreational marijuana. We hereby respectfully request the State of California and all other states within the union be evaluated for the use of recreational marijuana with strict regulation similar to alcoholic beverages. Legalize.co is a movement toward marijuana reform and the continued education of the public globally.

In conclusion, here at TNTnames.com we hope you enjoyed the story about Legalize.co as it all unfolded from the sale right here on TNTnames.com. We coordinately invite you to visit our site regularly so that you may to snap up all the good expiring domain names we offer here. Also, we have many great domain names for sale from private sellers who are willing to negotiate the price with you. Keep in mind TNTnames.com offers brokering services as well. “We are in business because of you and we want your business.”

Sincerely, David Eccles, CEO – Founder

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