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Donuts partners with Petfinder Foundation to launch MyRescue.dog

Introducing MyRescue.dog, A New Platform Benefiting Homeless Dogs

Consumers to share rescue stories to help raise up to $100,000 for shelters

August 24, 2015 (Chicago) –— Every day, thousands of dogs are saved by the amazing work done by animal shelters and rescue groups all across the country. It should come as no surprise that these organizations often don’t have all the resources they need. That’s why August 24th, in time for National Dog Day (August 26), marks the launch of MyRescue.dog – a website significant both in purpose and in name. The site will benefit homeless dogs via Petfinder Foundation (in partnership with Donuts Inc.).

MyRescue.dog is a site where adopters can post pictures and short stories about their beloved rescues, and consumers can vote for their favorites through September 26. Each posted picture generates a $10 donation to Petfinder Foundation, and each vote generates a $1 donation, all up to $100,000.

The shelter or rescue group from which the most popular dog was adopted will receive $25,000, and the next 15 shelters will each receive $5,000. Winners will be announced upon conclusion of the voting period and all the donations will be administered through Petfinder Foundation. To learn more about Petfinder Foundation, visit www.petfinderfoundation.com. 

“This is a fabulous opportunity to raise awareness of the fact that thousands of wonderful companions can be found in shelters and rescue groups every day, and also to raise money for those lifesaving organizations,” said Toni Morgan, Executive Director of Petfinder Foundation.

MyRescue.dog is also the one of the first websites to use the new “not-com” .DOG domain, which was released to the public on August 12 as a new choice in online naming for dog-oriented businesses and brands.  Now these organizations, which include animal shelters and rescue groups, have the ability to select an online presence that is simpler and truer to their brands, making them more accessible to their audiences. .DOG is only one of hundreds of new “not-com” domain name choices that businesses, brands and individuals can use to craft the perfect online name.  View them here: http://name.kitchen/claim-your-domain.

“With these new ‘not-com’ options, businesses and individuals can choose domain names that are super creative to the left of the dot, and extremely specific to the right of the dot,” said Jeff Davidoff, Chief Marketing Officer of Donuts Inc. “Choosing a domain name, not unlike choosing a name for your beloved pet, should be a fun and creative process. ‘Not-coms’ like .DOG are more memorable, meaningful, available than their .COM domain counterparts.”

To participate, individuals can visit MyRescue.dog to submit a picture of their adopted dog, naming their shelter or rescue organization as the beneficiary of their entry. Then, share the promotion through social media channels using the hashtag #MyRescueDog and #NotCom and the URL MyRescue.dog to rally friends and social media communities to vote for their pet.

Visitors to the site will also be able to search for a dog to adopt and can make an additional donation directly to the Petfinder Foundation if they so choose.

About the Petfinder Foundation

The Petfinder Foundation assists the 12,000+ animal shelters and rescue groups that post their adoptable pets on Petfinder.com. A nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, the Petfinder Foundation helps adoption organizations find homes for the pets in their care through its Sponsor A Pet, Disaster and Emergency Response, Quality of Life and other programs. Since its founding in 2003, the Petfinder Foundation has given more than $20 million in cash and product grants to shelters and rescue groups in the United States, Canada and Mexico. To learn more about the Petfinder Foundation, please visit www.petfinderfoundation.com.

About Donuts Inc.

Donuts powers the world’s largest and most diverse group of “not-com” domain names, including .dog. Donuts offers businesses, individuals, organizations, families, and others fresh and meaningful Internet identities in a stable, secure environment. To claim your domain visit: http://name.kitchen/claim-your-domain.

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