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Dot Registry, LLC Launches Dotregistry.org – Designed For The Introduction and Support of New Corporate Domain Extensions, .INC, .LLC, .LLP, .CORP.

Dot Registry Launches Dotregistry.org, an Awareness Solution Designed For The Introduction and Support of Four New, Community Based Corporate Domain Extensions, .INC, .LLC, .LLP, .CORP.

Kansas City, MO (PRWEB) December 13, 2012

Dot Registry, LLC, a leader in online innovation dedicated to protecting the Registered US Business Community, has recently partnered with Domainia, Inc., a pre-registration and awareness solutions provider, to create a revolutionary online corporate domain awareness solution with MILLIONS of webpages designed specifically to educate US businesses and consumers alike about the benefits of operating under the new entity specific, community based domain extensions, .INC, .LLC, .LLP and .CORP.

2013 will mark the introduction of hundreds of new domain extensions to the ever-growing Internet market place. .COM and .NET will be replaced by industry specific classifications such as .FOOD, .HOTEL or .AUTO. With these unique advancements, and the ever-growing popularity of Internet consumerism, DOT Registry believed it was essential to begin taking steps to protect businesses and consumers online. Their solution was to create the first ever, verifiable business Internet community specifically designed to protect registered US Businesses, and they plan to educate consumers about this solution via DotRegistry.org. Dot Registry CEO, Shaul Jolles, has stated, “We feel confident saying that we clearly defined our community. We are representing a designated group in the United States, which are held to a similar set of admittance requirements as well as continued operational standards. Case in point, Dot Registry has proposed the first ever secure corporate domain community designed specifically to protect US Registered Businesses.”

To form a business in the US, entities must register with their Secretary of State or applicable overseeing entity. This helps to hold each business accountable for their practices, provide consumers with business registration information, and ensure that there is a standard code of conduct for business operations across the US. Dot Registry has worked diligently with individual secretaries of state to ensure that their registration policies were designed to accurately capture the membership criteria and comply with any state regulations applicable to the proposed community. Each potential registrant will be cross-referenced with their state registration materials, ensuring that they are truly a member of the registered US Business Community. By verifying that an applicant is a registered business, DOT Registry will be able to bring unprecedented clarity and security to consumers and business owners, assuring internet users, registry applicants, and others that web addresses ending in an entity specific extension such as .INC, .LLC, .LLP or .CORP are a hallmark of a valid US business recognized by a governmental authority of the United States.
By choosing an entity specific domain, companies will create the ultimate professional image for their business and assure their customer base that they believe in transparency in operations, and the importance of business integrity. Visit DotRegistry.org for more information about the benefits of choosing a corporate domain extension for your business.

Dot Registry ™ is a leader in online innovation dedicated to protecting the US Business Community. Dot Registrys mission is to build confidence, trust, reliance, and loyalty for consumers and business owners by creating a dedicated gTLD to specifically serve the Community of Registered US Businesses. Dot Registry will foster consumer peace of mind with confidence by ensuring that all domains bearing their gTLD strings are registered US Business entities.


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