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Economics.com – a NameCorp™ Exclusive

NameCorp™ announces the exclusive listing of Economics.com – A super premium domain name for the Global Financial Services industry.

DELRAY BEACH, FL – March 22, 2016 – (Newswire.com)

NameCorp™, a boutique digital agency specializing in naming, today announced that the super-premium domain name Economics.com is now exclusively available from its asset management team.

“Economics.com is a market authoritative domain name in the global financial, academic, news and even political sectors,” said Alan Dunn, Managing Director of NameCorp™. “Very few domain names automatically imply such topic authority, something that companies often spend millions trying to build.”

Economics drive so much of what goes on in the world, on a global scale as well as both social and personal ones. World economics are a driving force behind many governmental policies and political alliances, and economics can shift influence and power, as evidenced by the ongoing oil glut’s repercussions and China’s relatively new position as the world’s largest economy.

“Especially in an election year such as this one, economics play a huge part in the choices that people make, and the positioning that political candidates take,” explained Dunn. “Although the Economics.com domain name was registered in 1995, this is the first time it’s become widely available for purchase. We anticipate that the Economics.com domain name will be of interest to many corporations and individuals worldwide.”

Opportunities to acquire super-premium domain names like Economics.com are extremely rare, especially in high-traffic verticals such as finance and news. Many of the world’s best domain names are already owned by brands including Moody’s (Economy.com), Citibank (Finance.com), CNN (Money.com) and CNET (News.com).

To inquire about Economics.com or other domain names, please contact NameCorp™, at +1-212-709-2000 or by email at sales@namecorp.com.

About NameCorp

NameCorp™ is a boutique digital agency focused on naming. With more than 20 years of experience, NameCorp™ offers a wide range of digital asset and naming services including Stealth Domain Name Acquisitions, Premium Domain Name Sales, Domain Portfolio Management and more.

The management of NameCorp™ have been involved with over $50 million of domain name sales and has represented some of the best domain names in the world, including Stock.com, Tax.com, HongKong.com, Taiwan.com, MX.com and more.
Contact Info:

ECM# 23329 113 Cherry Street
WA 98104-2205
United States

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