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Efficient Outbound Domain Marketing Techniques

Today: Regit.com sold for $5,700 / Using product names in a domain / .Net and .Info are struggling / And more!

Here are the new discussions that caught my eye in the domain community today:

The market value of .com.de – Is there a floor value for the ,com.de second level ccTLD? If you’re investing in .com.de please share your research with other like-minded .com.de investors and check out what they are sharing.

Available domains | CanvasShoe .com + more – If you are looking for a fresh drop list of domains to sort through for next round of investing, check out this drop list that was shared today before they are all gone.

Cams.gg – I’ve seen the word “cams” sell in other extension ok, but what do you think about Cams.gg ccTLD? Does the word still have value in the .gg ccTLD extension?

.Net and .Info are struggling – Has anyone else noticed that the .net and .info gTLDs are struggling with new registrations? Are investors no longer seeing value in these two extensions?

Regit.com sold for $5,700 – A nice brandable, pronounceable, five-letter .com domain sales report. Would you have guessed that Regit.com would have only sold for $5,700.00?

Using product names in a domain – Sounds like a bunch of potential legal headaches to me. What do you think about the examples this investor gave?

Efficient Outbound Domain Marketing Techniques – What techniques for outbound domain name marketing have you used successfully? Check out the techniques others are using and share some of your own.

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