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EraseMugshots.com Expands Services: Internet Reputation and Removal of Online Mugshots

If you have a mugshot or an arrest record, the last thing you would want to happen is for people to know about it. This is particularly true if you own a business, as these types of details will seriously destroy your Internet reputation. Unfortunately, everything is online these days, and that includes your mugshots, something people may specifically look for when they want to evaluate you.

NEW YORK, Feb. 2, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Unfortunately, the reality is that arrest records are public, which means that anyone is able to get these records by putting in a Freedom of Information request. But there is a difference between that and having your mugshot plastered all over the internet. This is why you may need the services EraseMugshots.com that can get to work on removing the online copies of your mugshots and arrest records.

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It is important to understand what EraseMugshots.com can and cannot do. While it is possible to have arrest records and mugshots removed from the internet, they cannot be removed from the courthouse filing cabinet. After all, this is public information and anyone can go to the government records information depot or to the courthouse and request a copy. However, Google or the internet as a whole, is not a court house, which means the mugshots can be removed from there.

How to Get Your Mugshot Deleted of Google Search

A number of recommendations have been released by Google. The first suggestion is to actually contact the owner of the website on which you have seen your mugshot and ask them to remove it. However, this is generally impossible, because it is highly likely that they will deny your request, or even ignore it. Furthermore, most websites that post mugshots don’t have easy to use contact forms, which means you have to find out who their hosting company is and pass a message on through them.

It is also possible to run a WHOIS check on the website in order to find out who owns it. However, if the website uses a private domain registration, this search will actually come up blank. Tracking down the actual owner is nearly impossible.EraseMugshots.com has spent years researching and contacting these website owner’s.

So, with Google’s solutions being nearly impossible to achieve, it would be better to actually enlist the services EraseMugshots.comwhich specializes in mugshots and arrest records removal. They have an excellent track record of actually getting the job done and do so quickly. They will also go beyond Google and check the other search engines as well, just in case those who are interested were to delve a little bit deeper.

In 2013, a number of new laws came into effect across a range of states. These laws were agreed upon in order to protect people who have been falsely arrested. Essentially, it means that their records are expunged and their mugshots are removed. However, these new laws often only apply to dismissed cases and otherwise expunged records. Furthermore, if your case does fall under this law, the owner of the website still has 30 days to actually remove the photo. For many, that is simply too much time. This is whyEraseMugshots.com offer a service to help you with this also offer a guarantee, being able to do it in a certain space of time. They will also address mugshots posted on websites outside of this country. This is a vital skill, because those are the websites that don’t even have to break any American laws.

Where Are Mugshots Publicly Displayed?

There are more and more states where the decision has been made to publicly display all mugshots. The state where public records are shared more freely than anywhere else is Florida. They first started to release this information to the public in 1999 and they haven’t stopped since. The official arrest website now has over 6 million mugshots on it. Other areas that are also notable when it comes to how many mugshots they share. These include Texas, New Jersey, Illinois, Colorado, California, North Carolina, Arizona,Oregon and Alabama.

Several huge online databases now exist where people can browse and find millions of mugshots. People believe that their state government is responsible for providing the information that goes with the mugshot but this is not true. The information that is sent to the website portal is usually made public by the county sheriff’s office, which is where someone was arrested in the first place.

EraseMugshots.com was launched in 2015 to give people the ability to remove arrest records and associated images from the internet forever. Until now they have operated with little internet presence, and have only taken on new clients that were internally referred to them. Arrest records are public information and that is not changing. These records will always be accessible at the county records information depot and courthouses. EraseMugshots.com offers a total removal solution to arrest records and associated images online. Any work they take on is guaranteed by a money back statement of work. Their terms and conditions are transparent and they will work with you until you are satisfied as a client. Give them a call and let them help you restore your privacy & online reputation!

Give them a call and they will explain their process and answer any questions you may have and provide a free quote  (866) 601-6803.


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