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Everspark Execs to Speak at Domaining Spain.

Atlanta SEO and marketing firm Everspark Interactive is sending two of its top brass to speak at Domaining Spain, an internet & domain industry summit. The event will host top American and European entrepreneurs.

Atlanta, Georgia (PRWEB) April 23, 2013

Everspark Interactive, an Atlanta SEO company, has spent the past two years rising to the top of the local internet scene, and they are now taking part in a tech industry summit in Europe, Domaining Spain. The event is a major hub of the internet industry.

Everspark began as a search engine optimization (SEO) firm and now serves as an all-in-one online media and marketing company. In the past year Everspark has grown rapidly, announcing new hires and major new clients. The firm is sending two of its executives to speak at Domaining Spain.

Domaining Spain is a meeting of leading entrepreneurs in the domain industry and the broader online industry. While focused on topics such as the purchase and sale of domains, the summit has become a major networking event where internet leaders can meet, collaborate and keep abreast of important developments in the field.

“This is a tremendous opportunity for two-way learning,” said Everspark’s Jason Hennessey. “At Everspark we believe in sharing information freely and that value is key to the overall success of our industry.”

Hennessey built his career by analyzing, testing and reverse-engineering the search algorithms used by major search engines like Google, which are crucial for effective online advertising. He will be speaking on that topic at the summit.

“In addition to talking about our own areas of expertise, we will be there to learn from others in the industry, and to meet the people behind the companies we work with,” Hennesey said. “It’s a chance to bridge the Atlanta tech scene with a global audience.”

Hennessey will be joined by co-founder Chris Watson. The event is in Valencia, Spain April 25-27.

About Everspark:

Everspark Interactive is an online media & marketing firm that specializes in creating gripping, keyword-laden copy that will attract attention from both search engines and live customers. The company can be reached at (770) 481-1766.

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