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Everspark Interactive’s “Video Billboards” Put Clients On Top of Google

Everspark Interactive has long been Atlanta’s trusted SEO firm. Now the company has successfully used online videos called Video Billboards to put clients on the very first page of Google search results.

(PRWEB) July 01, 2013

Everspark Interactive is one of Atlanta’s leading internet marketing companies and has now launched a new search engine optimization (SEO) product using online videos. The product is called Video Billboard and can rapidly move a client’s website to the top search results on Google and Bing.

SEO is a highly in-demand service that helps corporate websites reach customers online – by ranking high in the search engine results for specific keywords that customers are likely to search.

Most SEO companies focus on writing keyword-loaded content and optimizing the structure of the website itself, but Everspark’s Video Billboards use online videos, which can advance quickly through search rankings.

“Video Billboards essentially shortcut the entire SEO process,” said Chris Watson, Everspark’s co-founder. “Google wants to include videos among the first results for a search, and with a properly optimized video we can even take you to the front page.”

One of the first Video Billboard clients was domain broker Toby Clements. Everspark moved Clements’ website from the 36th page of Google results to the first page.

“Everspark completely planned, shot and produced Toby’s video in-house,” Watson said. “Our analysts selected the keywords and 31 days later he was on the front page.”

That change in search ranking translated to a spike in new business for Clements – and a promising new video SEO model that Everspark fine-tuned to offer other clients.

Video Billboard can also help companies increase sales, but Watson says there is a limited number of Billboards that Everspark can offer.

“We’ve pioneered this and it works, but we can only work for one client in any given region and industry. The spots are going fast.”

About Everspark:
Everspark Interactive is an Atlanta SEO company and internet marketing firm. With a hand picked team of the brightest marketing minds in the country, Everspark creates gripping, engaging content that drives web traffic – and dominates search engines. They can be reached at (770) 481-1766 or eversparkinteractive.com.

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