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Exact Match Keyword Job Domains Wanted

Today: Need 6n.com and 5n.net without 0 and 4 / Vcvc.com needed / I need LLLL.com $960 each LLLL.net $25 / And more!

Here are the new discussions that caught my eye in the domain community today:

Kuduo.com Sold for $5,099; Seeders.com for $4,551… – Here’s some great domain name sales reports to help get you motivated and your heart racing towards that next sale of your own.

TvNews.us – Seems a bit redundant, but is placing “Tv” and “News” together something that could work for someone. However, the .us ccTLD limits it a bit from going global. How much is a domain like this worth?

GreatCoin.com – What makes a great coin? Are we talking collectibles, currency, or crypto coins? This domain could go three different ways, but does that help the value any?

I need LLLL.com $960 each LLLL.net $25 – Lot’s of buyers today! How about some four-letter .coms and four-letter .nets? Do you have some you want to sell in your portfolio? Make sure they meet the buyer’s guidelines and send them over for consideration.

Need 6n.com and 5n.net without 0 and 4 – Do you have any six number .com domains in your portfolio and looking for a buyer? Now is the time to flip them! send the six number .com’s you have that fit this buyers criteria.

Vcvc.com needed – Do you have any VCVC .com domain assets in your portfolio? Do you want to make some quick cash? Send over the ones that qualify.

Exact Match Keyword Job Domains Wanted – Be sure to double check your portfolio for one of these job domains. This buyer is ready to invest in any that you have that fit within their specified criteria.

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