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Forced traffic versus organic traffic to a domain

Today: Sell or Not to Sell – Legal/Moral Dilemma? / Report.org Sold for $8,500 / Showcase and discuss 3-word domain names / And more!

Here are the new discussions that caught my eye in the domain community today:

3P.tv sold for $1,000! – A nice four digit .tv ccTLD sale to keep your blood pumping. .tv domains look like they are still hot and in demand.

Showcase your Block-Chain domains with hyphens – Do you own any hyphenated blockchain domain names? Share what you have with other investors and compare notes.

BugWeed.com – Is this for the garden variety of weeds or the smokable marijuana variety? “Bug Weed” doesn’t sound very appetizing. How much do you think it’s worth?

Sell or Not to Sell – Legal/Moral Dilemma? – Would you sell a domain name asset to a person or company if you knew ahead of time that they might use it for unethical or illegal activities?

Report.org Sold for $8,500 – Wow! Another nice domain name sales report for a .org. This is the kind of stuff that gets .org investors motivated.

Showcase and discuss 3-word domain names – Do you have any three-word domain name assets you want to show off and showcase? Share your domains with others and see what like-minded investors are buying.

Forced traffic versus organic traffic to a domain – Which do you prefer and why? Does one convert better than another? Are you just using the traffic to try and boost resell value or are you actually trying to generate revenue until the domain sells?

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