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FreshDirect.com has a “Renewal Issue” causing 13 Hour “Domain” outage.

So I was listenting to the radio tonight to hear this story about an online Grocery Store company which had a “Renewal Issue” with their domain name that has a revenue of $400 Million a year. They just so happen to forget to renew their domain name a few weeks back even after getting numerous emails saying the domain will expire. From what the radio news flash said is that they had to pull the domain out of redemption but not before they had a 13 hour outage that most likely cost them alot of money. Moral of the story is don’t forget to renew your domains guys. If multi-million dollar companies are doing so are we. I am a “victim” of this but its my own fault. I have lost a few great domains in the past but have learned my lesson. I am trying to keep all my domains with one registrar. BTW I just checked their who is info and they have renewed the domain for the max amount to expire in Dec 2022. lol 🙂

Here is the whole story below:


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