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FundingHunter.com, Creating Opportunities for Start-Ups to Fund Their Ventures

For those that are looking for ways to get funding here is anotehr Crowd Funding source that is about to have their launch. Good Luck!

FundingHunter.com is preparing to launch its own CrowdFunding platform, where Start-Ups can create campaigns and raise awareness for their projects.

(PRWEB) April 10, 2013

FundingHunter.com is preparing to launch Its own crowdfunding platform, where start-ups of all genres can create campaigns and raise, not only money for their project, but also the much needed awareness that’s crucial for these new companies as well. FundingHunter.com’s goal is to provide several avenues for Start-Ups and established businesses to find funding.

From our Social Network for Entrepreneurs and Investors to our new and upcoming Crowdfunding platform, we are here to help Start-Ups along the road to growth. Currently FundingHunter.com is a targeted platform for entrepreneurs and investors to meet in an organic social setting. At FundingHunter.com our members can create profiles, and upload pictures and videos to help articulate their innovative concepts. Members can also join industry specific groups, enter discussions about what matters most and keep everyone up to date by blogging about their latest milestones. With the upcoming launch of our Crowdfunding platform, we hope to make funding even more accessible for any budding start-up.

“Let’s make it easier for these great start-ups to get their projects funded,” says FundingHunter.com founder, Michael Johnston. “There are all these great and innovative people out there that are just floundering because they are having so much trouble, getting the necessary capital they need to get things moving.” Fundinghunter.com is trying to make the hunt for funding more accessible through several avenues including its upcoming crowd funding platform.

About the Company

Founded in May 2012, FundingHunter.com is a social network dedicated to bringing entrepreneurs and investors together on a new and targeted platform. FundingHunter.com is all about connecting with potential investors, other entrepreneurs and colleagues through sharing content and pitching ideas. We also provide a group of funding partners to provide another avenue for you to gain access to needed capital.

At Fundingunter.com, you make the connections, you build the relationships, and we provide the platform. To learn more visit us at FundingHunter.com.

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