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GoDaddy (GDDY) Acquires Majority of Worldwide Media’s Domain Names

December 7, 2015 10:31 AM EST

GoDaddy Inc. (NYSE: GDDY) announced its acquisition of the vast majority of domain names in the Worldwide Media, Inc. domain name portfolio. This acquisition consists of approximately 70,000 domain names, including 373.com, Faculty.com, CarAuctions.com, and iBill.com. It also includes names targeted at small businesses such as BikeRentals.com, EventPlanning.co, and KitchenChef.com. These names are now available for purchase by anyone looking to establish or enhance their digital identity.

“GoDaddy is focused on making sure our customers get the perfect online name for their business or passion, so we’re always looking at ways to improve what domain names our customers can register,” said GoDaddy Senior Vice President and General Manager Mike McLaughlin. “Our plan is to make these names accessible to small businesses. Worldwide Media, Inc.’s founder Michael Berkens has assembled an incredible portfolio of names and has been such an integral part of the domain name aftermarket for so many years.”

GoDaddy plans to list the majority of the names on Afternic’s Fast Transfer Network (DLS). Afternic, purchased by GoDaddy in 2013, operates the world’s largest premium domain reseller network that includes 18 of the Top 20 registrars. This means, when a customer searches for a domain name, Afternic provides the exact name or a list of alternatives available for sale. Customers can purchase the domain name and have it show up in their account in seconds using Afternic’s Fast Transfer Network.

“Since 1997, I’ve worked every day on building my domain name portfolio. Now it’s time to focus on my other endeavors as well as family and friends,” said Michael Berkens, founder and owner of Worldwide Media, Inc. “I’m extremely proud of the portfolio I built and the domain name industry has never been stronger. This is a win-win for everyone involved.”

GoDaddy expects to start offering the domain names immediately, with competitive prices listed.

To see the entire list of domain names available, visit www.NameFind.com.

To learn more about the domain name aftermarket and Afternic, visit www.Afternic.com.

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