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Google shows you How They Destroy Spam!

Every day, millions of useless spam pages are created. Google fights spam through a combination of computer algorithms and manual review.

Spam sites attempt to game their way to the top of search results through techniques like repeating keywords over and over, buying links that pass PageRank or putting invisible text on the screen. This is bad for search because relevant websites get buried, and it’s bad for legitimate website owners because their sites become harder to find. The good news is that Google’s algorithms can detect the vast majority of spam and demote it automatically. For the rest, we have teams who manually review sites.

Read more here and find out if your site is a spam garden for Google to destroy with its Spam Weed Killer in Google’s eyes. Google mentioned one way they fight spam is detecting repeating keywords. I am guessing this is what they call Keyword Stuffing. So here is my question. What is the number of repeating keywords where google will mark your site as spam? If I own a Insurance site, its obviously going to have the word insurance a larger number of times. Questions that I would love to have answered if you guys know. Please comment below.

Click the link below to get an “in depth” view of how Google is Fighting Spam. The page below also features a live spam screenshot..


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