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GTLD This or That? Or poop?

What do you guys think? Do you think that the New GTLD’s is gonna be the new internet? It is totally possible that this thing may flop. Let me elaborate, I have talked and talked to a ton of people and I can say that the majority of the population does not have any clue what a New GTLD is. Matter a fact many of them have no idea what a DotCo domain is. This is something that is gonna take 5-15 years to be accepted by most. I agree get it on it now and you may end up being a millionaire but its not something that is gonna happen overnight.

I have been seeing alot of talk on the domain blogs about GTLD’s and I wonder if some of these guys have investments somehow in it. What we know is that there are companies that have invested tons of cash in this but may not see a return for years to come. I like the idea but then I don’t, The reason I don’t is because everyone in their mother is offering up pre registrations but we have not really seen a shred of evidence that these registries (plus fakes) are gonna be able to give you what you pre registered. So I intend this on being a 20 part series of my opinions and others that comment. BTW take a look at what Google is doing. I would call these the biggest crap GTLD’s ever but they do mention that they will add more as the contentions get resolved. Check it out here: http://charlestonroadregistry.com/. Please comment and put your 2 cents in so we can try to figure this out together. 🙂

3 Responses to GTLD This or That? Or poop?

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