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Guest Post – Andrea Logan – Ricks Blog Review!

When the domain game breeze is to cold to point your face toward it. Look to RicksBlog.com

Is your domaining pushing you further and further from success? Ricks impeccable knowledge, desire and passion are pretty breath taking. His thoughts, feelings and advice are forever drilled into my head. From website traffic and sales to real life. When I find myself in a domain situation where I don’t exactly know what to do or how to handle it I’ll tell myself what would rick do? I always find myself returning to his words.

Do you need to hydrate yourself with something that is missing? Relieve your thirst and deal with your situation by taking in Ricks blog posts. While not everyone agrees with his madness. His madness is king. You may want to visit his site and take notes. If you need to comprehend parts of domaining you need to start here. Domaining without knowledge is like ice skating through a desert. There is so much information on this site you’ll be lost in your own mind. The greatest significance anything Rick has written, to me, is waiting for that sale. If you do have a true premium someone eventually will want it and if they want it they are going to pony up the money and come for it. Waiting unknowingly is better than giving away your investment.

What does all this mean? Empty a place in your mind and go fill it with true cognizance. In the end most of the read is taking it in, comprehending it because when you know what you need, you know what to do.

When you encounter reading such a span of knowledge, with some whit, you can’t question his strong experience or deny it. You can lie to yourself or get mad about things said but that will not advance your domaining skills. How you take and use the information is a reflection of your own self. Truly look at his track record and accomplishments. It’s stunning. Now look at your own track record and accomplishments. Capeesh …

He’s putting it out there for you to read, so why arn’t you? If you are using his words, It’s a free opportunity to keep in the game. Anticipate using parts of this blog for survival.

We as domain investors can only do, feel, think and accomplish what we tell are selves to do. Which is another great thing I’ve consumed from reading Ricks posts. His post are like a factory, a library of domain life.

Past domaining mistakes can usually be mended or fixed but taking in his knowledge is a great opportunity to correct your fallacy. This is real life talk so take his words and thoughts and convert them into your own thought process or use them in future situations. The perfect way to optimize your existing knowledge.

We do what we think, We are what we think. If you ever get lost, find yourself back at ricks blog.

Andrea Logan / Martin

Domainer / Entrepreneur

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