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Guest Post: Andrea Logan – TheArtoftheName.com Blog Review!

We want to thank Andrea Logan for writing this guest post! Keep an eye out for some more reviews by Andrea in the near future!

Guest Post: Andrea Logan – TheArtOfTheName.com Blog Review:

If you haven’t been to www.TheArtOfTheName.com I highly recommend you do so.

Love him or not, Adam has a compelling funniness with a chill informative mood. One of the most interesting guys to come out of domaining. He will get you hooked on learning.

He’s not reading from some fictional book here, he’s getting you back on track to the reality of time and internet. He’s fully aware and seasoned on the subject of domaining and developing.

In this domaining age where talent is lacking, his words can mean success to what you are trying to accomplish. He’s destined to get you laughing fast while filling you with knowledge.

From dark halls of thinking you know what you’re doing, to the light of the actual truth. He’s destined to steadily build a killer following. While restoring the dignity that the amateur and aged domain world has lost.

So get out your cup of coffee and make sure you have a pen handy to write things down. While you may not want to admit, there are things you do not know, trust me and get out a pen. I suggest you subscribe to the blog here
He might not be an expert, but he may be smarter than you.

Andrea Logan / Martin

Domainer / Entrepreneur

5 Responses to Guest Post: Andrea Logan – TheArtoftheName.com Blog Review!

  1. Adam Dicker says:

    Thank you for your kind words, they are appreaciated more than you know.

    Adam Dicker

  2. Andrea says:

    The videos are extremely beneficial to anyone watching and listening . I enjoy watching them and learning how to better my business through them. With a laugh here and there.

  3. Steve Malloy says:

    Andrea. Great article. I highly recommend “theartofthedomain.com” if you are in or considering getting into the domain business this is a great site to learn the ingredients to be successful marketing domains and selling them. I have been following Adam’s video blog for a long time and he has been on mark every time. Thank you Adam for your insight and advice.

  4. Alvin says:

    I listen and re-listen to Adam on a regular basis. He has great insight and doesn’t fluff topics. He’s the real deal. Thanks Adam!!! 🙂

  5. Scott Bender says:


    Glad you posted this about Adam and his http://www.TheArtOfTheName.com educational video series.

    I had the pleasure of meeting Adam back in October and my entire way of thinking and doing business as a domain name investor completely changed.

    I’ve gone from “dabbling” in this industry to finally making money. I’ve learned so much from and so very thankful to Adam.

    His perspective and way of thinking is truly awesome and the fact he wants to grow domainers and business people into being better and learning more.

    Keep up the GREAT work Adam and the great teachings, even if you do not feel you are an expert!!


    Scott Bender Orlando Florida

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