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Have you guys heard about that Godaddy Groupon Deal yet? lol.

For real I am just kidding. If this isn’t funny then I don’t know what is. Its always a good idea to have a little fun when the domaining blog guys are in spin cycle. I will agree there has not been a lot of interesting stories the last few days, so yes most likely we are not going to realize 2/3’s of the domain bloggers that are gonna write about it. I havent used it yet but I will most likely tomorrow cause there are only like 5 domainers in Oklahoma so I think my state is good. 🙂

I just wanted to let all you guys know that I am extremely thankful for your support in the last year! It has been awesome to hear from all of my readers this year. I want to personally thank all of you guys out there that continue to keep TNT on your daily read list! TNT would be nothing without you guys! Also I want to thank all the domain bloggers for your help! You guys are all awesome. Just to name a few, JasonThompson.co, MorganLinton.com, DomainShane.com and many others have helped me along the way! I want to also say thank you to Mike Mann and Kevin Faler this year! They have both helped me tremendously to understand the domaining industry way beyond I would have thought! Thanks guys! I had many ups and downs but I think TNT is here to stay. Stay tuned for some awesome news for TNT and 2013! I wish all of you a happy New Year and please be safe guys!

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