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Here’s Why Companies Pay Premium Prices For Premium Domains

Today: Thoughts on TM issues for partial domain name matches / Got my first sale after 10 months / 9Maza.com sold for $2,913 / And more!

Here are the new discussions that caught my eye in the domain community today:

16 Common Pitfalls of Domain Development – Did you know about all these pitfalls when it comes to developing a domain name? What are your thoughts on this subject?

Thoughts on TM issues for partial domain name matches – Have you ever wondered if a partial match on your domain name violates someones trademark? This is an interesting topic to follow to learn more about that.

OffshoreBanking.co – This might have value if it’s targeting an off-shore bank of Columbia to attract English speaking customers from other countries to use their service. How much do you think it could be worth?

9Maza.com sold for $2,913 – Excellent low four digit domain name sales report. I never would have guessed that domain would sell for that amount. Do you think it’s worth more or less?

Double word.com sales – casinocasino.com partyparty.com etc – Share sales reports of double repeating word .com sales you’ve come across. Check out what others have sold for.

Got my first sale after 10 months – Do you remember when you made your very first sale and how it made you feel? If you need to be re-motivated, check out how happy this new investor is that made their first sale.

Here’s Why Companies Pay Premium Prices For Premium Domains – Did you know why premium domains sell for what they do? This is an interesting read that might shed a little more light on the subject for you.

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