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Highly Searched, EXACT MATCH Premium Domain Name Live For An Auction At Flippa, Only 3 Days Left.

March 09, 2017 – Great news for all those in search of perfect identity for their online store or marketplace – A highly searched premium EXACT MATCH domain name pledgeofallegiance.com is up for auction at Flippa now. Rich in a whooping valuation of $268,900, this 18-years-old domain comes with English dictionary words and promises infinite development possibilities.

It’s one of the rarest domain names to land up for an auction and just 3 days are left to seal the deal. As of now, the current price running is $3,500.

“You have one of the most powerful one-word brandable domain names here that speaks of everlasting appeal and would be one of the greatest branding assets for your online business outlet. As we know, ‘pledge/alliance’ covers a HUGE niche and pledgeofallegiance.com would mean wonders here. From hotel to charity and from education to health, this domain can accommodate a vast & versatile spectrum of themes and you can use it in almost any direction you wish to. Bustling with immense potential for growth, pledgeofallegiance.com can be used for some specific niche or you can also add diverse contents to it,” smiled the seller.

Below are some promising stats about the domain name:

Domain Authority: 10

Page Authority: 19

Average search result for keyword: 8,170,000

Average Search Result: 3,310

The average monthly search stats in terms of Broad Match for “pledge of alliance” is 100,249,240 with $1.20 USD CPC. In regards to Exact Match, the average monthly searches are 961,380 with 0.95 USD CPC.

“My domain shows a bunch of easily rankable keywords. For example, ‘the pledge’ garners 1K-10K searches a month with $0.22 CPC while ‘the pledge of allegiance’ shows 10K-100K searches a month with $1.66. It’s a rare deal that you simply can’t afford to miss,” says a seller at flippa.

Speaking further, he stressed on the short and crisp structure of the domain which makes it convenient to memorize it. The easy words used here assure no risk of spelling mistakes. The buyer will have great opportunity to add his Affiliate program to it or he can even sell his own ads under this top level domain name. Most importantly, the domain is SEO-optimized and guarantees huge earnings for the lucky through the Affiliate Products & direct advertisement.

“This high-profile domain complements a number of avenues for grand passive income, such as through Google Adsense Program, Amazon Affiliate, CPA Networks and so on. You can even try out Clickbank Affiliate Program which offer up to a magnum 75% commission which means you will smoothly mug up till $150 in just one single click! Life can’t get any better!” the seller added in assuring solid after-sales support for the buyer.

To bid for this ultra-premium domain name, visit the official auction page at Flippa or contact them below.

Media Contact
Contact Person: Richard Dynas
Email: Richard@richarddynas.com
Phone: 716-627-5334
Country: United States
Website: https://flippa.com/8136249-pledgeofallegiance-com

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