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How being greedy lost a domain sale

Today: If you can’t spell your own domain correctly, was it a bad investment? / Parking strategies / The best places to sell domains / And more!

Here are the new discussions that caught my eye in the domain community today:

Is outbound dead? – Are you having the same bad luck results that this domain investor is having? Is outbound marketing to potential end users dead today?

Buying one word .com and .net domains – Be sure to check your portfolio for someone word .com’s and one word .net’s. This investor is ready to buy what you have for sale if it meets their specified criteria.

TheNightBeforeChristmas.com sold for $2,600 in 2007. Insane! – WOW! Talk about a long domain with 23 characters selling for four digits. This is a nice domain name sales report for those of you holding long domains too.

Parking strategies – If you have been parking your domains after building backlinks to them for a while, what strategies do you use to convert the best click revenue? Share and compare notes with other investors that park domains for a living.

The best places to sell domains – Where have you had the most success selling your domain assets? is it consistent or does it only do good for isolated niche domains, if so, which one?

If you can’t spell your own domain correctly, was it a bad investment? – What are your thoughts on this? If an investor buys a domain they can’t spell, does it translate to lack of research and understanding of the market they invested into?

How being greedy lost a domain sale – Have you ever lost a domain sale in negotiations because you were being too greedy and expecting more than fair market value for your domain asset?

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