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How do you protect your domains from spammers

Today: Are the new gTLD extensions .Social and .Website safe investments? / .ms names and sales / $9 turned into a $1000 sale in 6 days / And more!

Here are the new discussions that caught my eye in the domain community today:

Websites Wanted – Do you have any websites that generate some traffic with unique content and looking to sell them? This buyer is wanting to see what you have.

330K .eu doms to be canceled as the UK pulls out of EU – Are you holding any of these domains in your portfolio that are going to be canceled? How will this move affect your portfolio?

DcWalk.org – I’m guessing this domain asset is supposed to be targeting organizations that march in the streets of Washington, DC. There has been media around it, but is it enough to give this domain some value?

$9 turned into a $1000 sale in 6 days – You have to love motivational sales reports like this one. Have you ever flipped a $9 domain for four digits?

Are the new gTLD extensions .Social and.Website safe investments? – Are you investing in .social or .website domain names? Will the extensions last the test of time or will the registries close their doors?

.ms names and sales – Do you know of any .ms domain names that sold? Report all .ms domain name sales here so other .ms investors can see how the market is doing.

How do you protect your domains from spammers – Do you get a lot of spam related to domains you registered/own in your portfolio? Here’s how to stop spammers in their tracks from blasting your emails.

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