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How I sold a domain at a 300% profit and take it as a failure

Today: Negotiating a deal 101 / “con” at the end of domain names / Something stinks – What would you say? / And more!

Here are the new discussions that caught my eye in the domain community today:

I’m Buying Two Word .coms Specific Keywords – Be sure to double check your portfolio for one of these two-word .coms. This buyer needs specific keywords, so make sure you read their guidelines.

I Setup A Catch-all Email on my domains – Do you have a catch-all email for redirecting all your domain names too? Does it help or complicate things not being able to easily identify where the email came from?

Ed.ge for appraisal – What do you think about two letter .ge ccTLD hacks like ed.ge? What kind of value would you put on this domain name?

Negotiating a deal 101 – Dor have the basics down pat when it comes to negotiating a domain sale/purchase? If not, you should check this out this discussion.

“con” at the end of domain names – Is this a strong and popular trend still? There seems to be a convention (con) for just about everything these days. Could there still be some “con” domains with value waiting to be registered?

Something stinks – What would you say? – Some entrepreneur/business owner humor to get your day going with a laugh.

How I sold a domain at a 300% profit and take it as a failure – Did he just say that a 300% return on an investment is a failure? Does his reasoning make sense to you?

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