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How to Find out how many Whois Searches there have been on your Domains. + Some Portfolio Tips!

I have had a large number of domainers ask me questions about how do I keep track of my domains. At one point I had over 900 domain names but today I have about 615. I am only keeping domains that make sense. I am only buying top domains and keeping my best ones. So since I have downsized my portfolio I have also learned some things to help me keep track of all of my domains. Almost all of my domain names are registered though Godaddy.com Well here is a quick trick to download a detailed list of your portfolio if you are also with Godaddy.

First go to your Domain Management section inside your godaddy account. Next in the upper menu you will see tools. Click tools and then highlight “Exportable Lists” Once there click the “Add New Export” button on the right hand side. I always choose “all my domains” then on the next part I always check “Whois Searches Previous Period” and Whois Searches Current Period” Then click next. I never compress my file because I only have 615 domain names. IF you have like 100,000 domain names you may want to compress the file. Then you will have to name you file. You can name it anything. I usually just use the current date. It will take a few minutes for godaddy to make the file available. I would say about 5-10 minutes. You will receive an email from godaddy once the file is uploaded.

So now you have a nice Excel Spreadsheet of all of your domains along with the expiration date and whois searches. (Does anyone know if a domain has alot of whois searches if it more likely to sell? Some of mine have 125+ in a month) Next I print out the list. Usually twice. One I will have sorted alphabetically and the other by expiration date. Now I am not saying you have to do this but it is a pretty simple way to get organize. What better time to do that then the first days of 2013! The next thing I would recommend is follow my very good friend Jason Thompson’s ideas on organizing your list. You can easily mark your domains with this godaddy list. Here you can find Jason’s ideas on categorizing your domains.


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