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How to make your biggest domain sale

Today: Setting up a branded email to use in outbounds / Baiser.fr sold for $5,745 / Cambridge.TV sold / And more!

Here are the new discussions that caught my eye in the domain community today:

Buying domains ending with: _NearMe.com and _ForSale.com – Do you have any domain assets in your portfolio that meet this buyers criteria? Id so, they have a budget of up to $100.00 per domain for a quick sale.

Where to buy the cheapest multi-year domain registration – Which registrar do you use for the best price on multiple-year registrations? Compare notes with other investors and see who they use.

AboutWeb.net – What does it mean? Am I missing a target niche on this one? What do you think a domain like this one is worth in today’s ?

Cambridge.TV sold – It’s always nice to see another .tv ccTLD in the domain name sales reports. Cambridge.tv sold for $3,600.00. Do you think it should have sold for more or less than what it did?

Baiser.fr sold for $5,745 -Not a bad .fr ccTLD sales report. six-letter, one-word, .com for $5,745.00 is a nice way to start a new day.

Setting up a branded email to use in outbounds – Are you using a dedicated email address for your outbound domain sales letters? Is it a free email or a branded email on one of your domain assets? Check out what others use.

How to make your biggest domain sale – Have you ever wondered how to make the big sales like other investors are making? Check out what some investors are saying the best strategy to accomplish that is.

Today’s Marketplace/Auction Picks:


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