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How to sell a domain fast

Today: How The Age Of A Domains Brings Value / Leads.com sold for $435,000 / 365.tw sold for $26500 / And more!

Here are the new discussions that caught my eye in the domain community today:

Best come back lines for outbound buyer saying “Will think about it..no hurry” – What kind of a come back or rebuttal would you have for a potential buyer saying they will think about it and that they are not in a hurry? Take a look at what other investors would say.

Buying Hemp/Cannabis Sites With Good Age – This buyer is paying wholesale prices on hemp or cannabis related websites that are aged. They have a budget of up to $100.00 each or will buy in bulk with a max budget of $1,000.00. Check out their guideline.

kBoum.com – Interesting five-letter .com. Is it brandable or pronounceable? That might be debatable. How much d you think a domain name like this one could sell for?

How The Age Of  A Domains Brings Value – Are you investing in aged domain name assets? How do you define the value and the source of it when determining what aged domains to invest into? Check out what some domain investors are saying.

365.tw sold for $26500 – Wow! A .tw ccTLD sale for five-figures. Are you investing in .tw ccTLD’s? Why did this one sell for so much?

Leads.com sold for $435,000 – That’s not a bad five-letter, dictionary-word, .com domain name sales report for a mid-six-figures. Do you think it should have sold for more or less than what it sold for?

How to sell a domain fast – Have you mastered the strategy of the quick domain flip? Share some of your best tips and compare notes with others that can flip domains fast.

Today’s Marketplace/Auction Picks:


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