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How to Spot Liquid Domains

Today: Pitching The Government To Buy A Domain / How to respond to student domain purchase inquiries / HireYourself.com for $7,500 / And more!

Here are the new discussions that caught my eye in the domain community today:

Buying domains with the word visual – Be sure to check your portfolio for a “Visual” domain name. This investor is ready to buy if it meets their specified criteria.

Eqdn.com – We all know that four letter .com’s have a liquid floor value, but what do you think this four letter .com is worth?

Any OCaml Programming Language Experts – Do you have experience with OCaml and looking for some extra cash? Check this out if you are. It could be some quick cash in your pocket.

HireYourself.com for $7,500 – Here’s a nice high four digit domain name sale. Not sure I would have guessed that this domain would sell for that much, but it’s definitely a great sale.

How to respond to student domain purchase inquiries – Have you ever been contacted y a student with little to no budget that wants a domain you own way cheaper than you listed it for? Check out how this investor responded.

Pitching The Government To Buy A Domain – Have you ever pitched a Government agency or department to buy a domain name you owned they may be able to use? What about a domain that is similar to one they have? Any legal concerns?

How to Spot Liquid Domains – How easily can you identify a liquid domain names asset? Not all domains are created equal and only a select few qualify as having a liquid floor value. Do you know what to look for?

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