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ICANN Announces Membership and Frameworks for Strategy Panels

Community Encouraged to Provide Input and Comment on Panels’ Work

Los Angeles, California… ICANN today announced the membership and operating timeframe for four strategy panels.

ICANN President and Chief Executive Officer Fadi Chehadé announced creation of the panels during the organization’s July meeting in Durban, South Africa. Chehadé said they will bring together subject matter experts, thought leaders and industry practitioners to help transform and guide ICANN’s five year strategic plan.

The membership of the strategy panels is here: http://www.icann.org/en/news/announcements/announcement-14oct13-en.htm

ICANN also announced a new timeframe for the panels, under which they are expected to complete their work by 31 January 2014.

“This new timeframe is aimed at facilitating public comment on the panels’ work prior to its possible consideration in the formation of ICANN’s strategic plan and our 2015 budget,” said Theresa Swinehart, Senior Advisor to the President on Global Strategy “We are encouraging our community to provide input and comment before the panels submit their final reports at the end of January.”

The strategy panels are exploring the following subjects:

  • Identifier Technology Innovation, chaired by Paul Mockapetris.
  • ICANN’s Role in the Internet Governance Ecosystem, chaired by Vint Cerf.
  • ICANN Multistakeholder Innovation, chaired by Beth Simone Noveck
  • Public Responsibility Framework, chaired by Nii Quaynor.

The four panels begin work this month. The public comment period on the panels’ recommendations will begin 31 January 2014 and conclude 31 March 2014.

A fifth panel had been announced in Durban on the Role of ICANN in the Future of Internet Governance. That panel is being refocused and more information will be announced in the coming weeks.


To watch a video interview with Theresa Swinehart, please visit:



For more information about the ICANN strategy panels, please visit:



MEDIA CONTACTS:            

James Cole

ICANN Global Media Coordinator

Washington, D.C.

Tel. +1 (202) 570 7139



Andrew Robertson

Edelman Public Relations

London, U.K.

Tel. +44 (7811) 341 945



About ICANN: ICANN’s mission is to ensure a stable, secure and unified global Internet. To reach another person on the Internet you have to type an address into your computer – a name or a number. That address has to be unique so computers know where to find each other. ICANN coordinates these unique identifiers across the world. Without that coordination we wouldn’t have one global Internet. ICANN was formed in 1998. It is a not-for-profit public-benefit corporation with participants from all over the world dedicated to keeping the Internet secure, stable and interoperable. It promotes competition and develops policy on the Internet’s unique identifiers. ICANN doesn’t control content on the Internet. It cannot stop spam and it doesn’t deal with access to the Internet. But through its coordination role of the Internet’s naming system, it does have an important impact on the expansion and evolution of the Internet. For more information please visit: www.icann.org

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