Francine Fiesel and Tessa Holcomb at NamesCon 2017

Francine Fiesel and Co-Founder & CEO Tessa Holcomb spend time catching up at Igloo’s NamesCon booth.

NamesCon has quickly become the largest commercial domain name conference and it is in large part due to the tremendous support by our sponsors such as

NamesCon, the largest annual conference of the domain industry, welcomed over 1400 attendees last week at the Tropicana Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. With visitors from over 40 countries worldwide, NamesCon provides the opportunity to attend educational sessions, network with domain professionals, investors and speculators and even participate in a live domain auction making it a must-attend domain industry event.

Premium Brokerage Firm & Marketplace, was pleased to be a returning sponsor for the four-day conference chalk full of informative panels, breakout sessions, workshops and an impressive roster of keynote speakers including WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg and ICANN President Akram Atallah. Co-Founder and CEO, Tessa Holcomb and Vice President of Sales & Acquisitions, Amanda Waltz both participated in expert panels addressing current trends in the domain industry.

“NamesCon has quickly become the largest commercial domain name conference and it is in large part due to the tremendous support by our sponsors such as Their domain sales and brokering service has been a supporter of NamesCon since our very first show. It is amazing to see grow in success as NamesCon continues to grow in size,” said Richard Lau, founder of NamesCon.

As a sponsor, not only finds value in tapping into the Who’s Who of the industry but also the opportunity to educate those just learning the ropes. Through sessions with topics such as domain regulations, navigating the aftermarket, development and gTLDs, domainers of all levels have the opportunity to learn something new.

The ease of meeting up with old friends and colleagues to exchange war stories from the past year and discuss trends and tips leads to many fruitful collaboration efforts cementing NamesCon as a driving force for Igloo’s business. Igloo also sees enormous benefit in meeting with clients face to face, often for the first time, and building relationships on a more personal level. Attending NamesCon for the first time this year was Francine Fiesel, a valued Igloo client over the past several years. Ms. Fiesel’s background was in cosmetic retail while her late husband, James Domengaux, was a web developer who started and later When Ms. Fiesel lost her husband in 2001, she found herself in an industry that was completely new to her. As a newbie, she found herself learning as she went while payouts for Pay Per Click were enough to live on. Through her journey in this business, she has come to realize that strong business relationships can be created at shows like NamesCon. She advises, “Make those connections! You may be sitting next to your business adventure.”

Ms. Fiesel currently works with Mrs. Holcomb at who was eager to create memories at NamesCon with her client during events such as the annual Women in Domaining Dinner held on Tuesday night before the Water Night Gala. A community of women coming together is something Ms. Fiesel can appreciate. “I was hurled into the world of domains, which was all male back then,” she remembers. “Wow! How things have changed! Thank goodness there’s some Estrogen in the rooms now, ladies! I love that!”

Registrations are already open for NamesCon 2018 with the first several hundred tickets available at a discounted price of $199 with the price increasing steadily throughout the year. For anyone with a vested interest in internet naming, online branding, digital marketing, IP Protection or domain monetization, buying or selling, attending NamesCon is a no brainer.

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