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I’m getting offers on new gTLDs on a daily basis

Today: Buying 5 characters .com – must start with a and end with a / Had my first domain sale yesterday! / Received my 1st offer (fishy) / And more!

Here are the new domain discussions and domain news.

Showcase Your French Domains! – Do you have any creative or unique .fr ccTLD French domain names in your portfolio you would like to share with other .fr investors? Toss them into the French .fr showcase.

Do you accept payment in cryptocurrencies? – It’s buzzing right now and for many people, cryptocurrencies are going to change the world. For others, it’s an unsustainable trend that’s going to bottom out and leave everyone holding the bag of losses. Do you accept crypto payments for your domain names?

How to be a good domain investor – If you could offer some solid advice to new domain investors trying to get started and running into brick walls, what advice would you give them?

Buying 5 characters .com – must start with a and end with a – Be sure to double check your portfolio for one of these 5 character domain names (VCVCV). If you have one, make sure to get it listed for that investor to review it. He may just pay the full budget price if it’s a good one.

Had my first domain sale yesterday! – It’s always nice to see new investors making their first sales and breaking ground in the industry. These are the types of sales that keep you motivated and salivating for that next sale of your own.

Received my 1st offer (fishy) – Beware of certificate type scam offers, especially those insisting on cryptocurrency. Would you have been able to identify the buyer mentioned as a potential scammer?

I’m getting offers on new gTLDs on a daily basis – Are you seeing the same interest in your new gTLDs? What strategy are you using? Maybe you should try this guys strategy to see if it works better for you.

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