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Inside The Building Of A Domain Services Company

One company is slowly but steadily buying and developing properties in the domain services sector. Scott Alliy President of Allied Internet solutions Inc.a serial entrepreneur and creator of www.FindaSeminar.com a highly successful seminar and training search engine is leading the effort.

Two years ago Scott, a long time domain investor switched his focus from domain acquisition to developing www.KetMo.com an aftermarket domain website that helps domain investors list, manage, search, find, buy, sell, connect, communicate, and negotiate domain name deals.

Over the last two years Scott and his team of domain name and internet marketing experts have amassed the largest collection of GTLD services dotcom domain names available anywhere. The entire collection as well as some names offered for sale by other domain name investors and that include www.GTLDLawyer.com, www.GTLDAppraisal.com, www.ParkGTLD.com and www.WhoisGTLD.com can be found at www.GTLDSuperstore.com.

One year ago Scott registered the domain www.Dotsperity.com a name and brand that exudes success and prosperity in the ecommerce world.  It was at this time that Scott began to formulate a plan to expand the scope of domain services that his company is already providing to domain investors and end users to include other services of interest to their growing audience.

About six months ago Scott and his team announced a new concept in domain name monetization with the creation of www.SecondChanceDomains.com a system that provides a path for domain investors to potentially receive cash from domain names that they were about to drop and lose money on.

Driven by the desire to be the best and lead the field Scott’s company has just rolled out their latest domain services website www.PremiumGTLDS.com. Just as the name indicates www.PremiumGTLDS.com is destined to become “the place” to buy and sell the highest quality domains suitable for investment and business use. Unlike KetMo.com that serves all levels of domain name investors and end users www.PremiumGTLDS.com will be totally focused on providing the top level of service that premium domain name and investors and buyers expect including privacy protection and transaction security. 

www.PremiumGTLDs.com compliments our trilogy of domain name services that includes domain name marketing and consulting, domain name sales location and brokerage services, and Strategic Internet marketing services  that include how to choose a great domain name and build a strong brand online. 

The future is coming and Scott believes that the future of business definitely revolves around the GTLD program, the introduction of hundreds even thousands of new dots and the effect that new GTLD extensions will have on the Internet and the way that consumers and businesses use it.

Not only do we want to be a big part of the GTLD based Internet future … We want to be one of the future leaders of the domain industry.  That awesome responsibility includes carrying on the great work and building upon the domain industry foundation created by well known and respected domain investors and domain industry business professionals over the last 20 years says Scott.

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