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Intelliname Opens Private Marketing Vault to Ad Industry

Rare Domain Name Collection Gives Media Planners and Business Developers New Options for Strategic Messaging and Client Campaign Integration

CHICAGO, Oct. 20, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — What’s the first beverage you think of when you see the words officialdrink.com? Where would you mobilize if your organization just launched jointhemarch.com? What would you do with daiquiri.com?

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These are just a few of the questions Intelliname would like to see answered as they share their internal ad agency portfolio and fifteen year collection with the industry for the first time.

Intelliname announces today online availability of their virtual marketing portal, featuring over 10,000 premium .com addresses from their corporate library being made available for private sale.

Assembled over nearly two decades, the tactical portfolio includes thousands of messaging strategies, call to action lures, original brand creations, social improvement platforms, and new application ideas. The unique catalog favors ad agencies and campaign strategists in particular, with a high number of positive messaging names and viral concepts that could be anchored into national campaigns.

The collection is ranked by industry theme and projected billing value against 400 popular market sectors and consumer interests, giving marketing professionals an unprecedented resource to brainstorm opportunities for client pitch strategies or upgrade existing media paths.

Sample early highlights for the Marketing and Advertising industry include:

Billboard Marketing Ideas for National Media Campaigns

Call to Action Lures to Boost Consumer Conversion Rates

Contest and Sweepstake Platforms to Maximize Messaging

Discount Retailing and Sales Promotions for Savings Emphasis

Expression Marketing for a Strong Viral Statement

With a mobile version soon available, the published directory is designed using a large scale format for optimum visual experience during conceptual planning and creative viewings. The home portal page provides an instant macro view of hundreds of hand-picked market interests and specialty themes, showcasing thousands of names chosen to inspire new ideas and social improvement.

The official launch marks the first of several domain pools scheduled to be released by Intelliname in the coming months, as part of an industry initiative to encourage other ad agency owners and institutional investors to look into their domain assets to see what could be inspiring change and innovation.

“We are fortunate to own a creative library beyond anything we could utilize internally ourselves,” statedRobert Davis, founder of Intelliname and Chief Domain Strategist. “So we are excited to open our archive to help stimulate new opportunities for media advancement.”

A special media preview page is also available to view sample domain names across all sectors:http://www.intelliname.com/snapshot

About Intelliname

Intelliname operates a strategic think tank focused on life improvements for humanity. Over the past two decades, the private firm has leveraged branding and management experience to build power plants, create retail distribution networks, push the boundaries of network programming, and build or help strengthen thousands of brands and industry influencers across numerous market sectors.

Media Contacts:
Robert Davis, President, Intelliname LLC
Phone: 815-429-3254


SOURCE Intelliname LLC

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