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Interesting Domain Refund Requests

Today: Where buyers scrape email addresses / How NOT To Compose Domain Sales Emails / .vip $4.36 at namecheap with free privacy! / And more!

Here are the new discussions that caught my eye in the domain community today:

Lagom.se sold for $6,292 – Lagom is Swedish for “Moderate”. Not a bad .se ccTLD sales report. Would you have guessed it would sell for $6,292.00?

Namer.cc – I’m not sure this brandable word works very well with a .cc ccTLD, are you? What would you appraise Namer.cc for in today’s market?

Grow.coffee – This one sounded interesting at first, but then I realized you grow coffee beans, not coffee. Coffee is a byproduct of coffee beans after they have been harvested. Hpw much do you think it’s worth?

How NOT To Compose Domain Sales Emails – Have you been sending out emails like that one to prospective buyers? You might want to rethink your strategy.

Where buyers scrape email addresses – Have you ever had a buyer contact you direct out of nowhere and never listed the email anywhere they contacted you on? How do you think they got that email?

.vip $4.36 at namecheap with free privacy! – For those of you that are investing into .vip new gTLD domains, this special offer might come in handy.

Interesting Domain Refund Requests – Have you ever had a refund requests weeks/months later from a buyer that changed their mind or tried to blame you for they did with the website they marketed on it?

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