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Interesting Investments from the Stock Market and Domaining.

OK I am totally a newbie in investing in the stock market, but recently I made some extra cash domaining and said why not give it a try. I had heard a few things while looking around on the net and decided lets invest $1500 in the market. Well here are the companies that I invested in and while the market crashed today both of my commodities went up.

A company called VelaTel. I invested in this company because I noticed they were buying up smaller companies and also making the internet available for countries that either never had it or had slow speeds. They seem to be in the 4G business and growing. For less than $.02 a share I said OK I will buy some. I can tell you that I have owned 20,000 shares for about a month and haven’t made a dime. I have actually lost about $80 so far. Hopefully it will turn for the better.

This next stock I bought is actually doing very well. The name is Great Wall Builders. Stock Quote (GWBU) look it up on Yahoo Finance. I bought in at $1.42 and its been stagnant for the 10 days I owned only 350 shares. Well today while the market crashed somehow GWBU went up to $1.80. from the reports and yahoo finance message boards I have been reading they are predicting it to be a $10+ stock in the next few months.

So you say Dave get to the point. What does this have to do with domaining? Well I do believe that what happens with the stock market reflects what happens with sales with domaining. Its kinda a reverse DomainINDX that Sedo keeps talking about. So here is my take. If the stock market is doing well, then domain sales are doing well. Maybe we need to publicly trade domain names. That may be the answer. I look at the stock market as the same as domaining.

Its all a gamble and the key is if you have enough money to play with then most likely you will become wealthy. I am only playing with penny stocks because I do not have enough capitol to play with. I have a family to feed. 🙂

Here are my current standings: As of today June 1st 2012:
GWBU – 350 shares – Market Value – $637.00 What I bought in at: $504.00 with a gain of $104.00
VELA – 20,000 shares – Market Value – $334.00, What I bought in at – $440.00 with a loss of $106.00

So in my experiment I am down $2 and have $556.00 to buy more shares which I have been unsuccessful at so far. I tried to buy 350 more GWBU but it didn’t go through. Still trying to figure out why but its most likely because it went up so fats early that no one was selling it at that cheap.

Here is the domain aspect of this while thing. We own a few IDNX domains that may be hot names soon. The biggest question is that are domain sales really predicting the stock market? I feel that if the stock market goes up then domain sales will be decent or go up.

So there were earlier stories about Bloomberg and Reuters using the Domain IDNX as stock market indicators but as of today I can not find the exact links that prove this. Except a few older stories that say its true: http://www.thedomains.com/2012/04/25/bloomberg-reuters-adds-sedos-idnx-to-their-covered-financial-markets/

Don’t get me wrong I want the Domain IDNX to take off but I am just not seeing it right now.

Below are a few names that we invested in thinking it would get bug but honestly I don’t see much going on with it at the moment.

We are selling the following domains:
DomainIDNX.com – Make Offer
DomainINDX.com – Make Offer
IDNXForum.com – Make Offer
IDNXStock.com- Make Offer
IDNXMarket.com -Make Offer
IDNXAnalysis.com – Make Offer
IDNXForecast.com – Make Offer
IDNXForecasts.com – Make Offer
IDNXfutures.com – Make Offer
IDNXGrowth.com – Make Offer
IDNXPrice.com – Make Offer
IDNXTrades.com – Make Offer
IDNXPredictions.com – Make Offer

So as you can see we have invested quite a bit of money in INDX. Hopefully it takes off! Feel free to leave us you negative or positive comments and as long as its clean we will post it.

Thanks again,


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