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Introducing Ketmo.com’s New 10/10 Domain Auction Program!

I just received an exciting announcement from Scott Alliy at Domain Reseller KetMo.com Seems that Scott and his team have decided to rent their auction space to domain owners with domains they wish to sell.

Here is the email I received from Scott:

KetMo.com has decided to rent space on our domain name auction platform starting from just $10.

Here is how the new 10 and 10 domain auction program works.

A) You tell us which domain name(s) you want to add to auction.
B) You tell us how many days you want the auction to run, when you want your auction to start, and what reserve (if any) you want on each domain name you list.
C) We will send you an invoice for $10 for each name you want to list at auction.
D) Once payment has been received your auction will go live according to the time date and reserve etc. you have requested
E) Once your name sells (and we hope it does) you pay only 10% additional fee for our services we provided in promoting and providing the auction platform.

10 and 10… Our new exclusive 10 and 10 program lets you auction your own domain name using our popular site for just $10 down and 10% of the total sales price for any name you sell using our auction platform.

Go To http://www.ketmo.com/contactus.php and send your auction request right now, a qualified KetMo.com support team member is standing by to help you get your names listed and go live with your auction so that you can sell more of the domain names you wish to sell.

You need to be a member at KetMo.com to use the system so that you can communicate and complete domain name deals with the buyer.The good news is that membership at KetMo.com is free.

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