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Investing.com Is 2012’s Priciest URL, but the Real Money Is Still in Sin…

This is an awesome story put out by DailyFinance.com. I suggest all of you guys to read it. Very interesting stuff. I added a few excerpts of the story but make sure you check it out. There is a ton of money to be made in domaining. Right now I am stuck in many different ideas. And I will say all of them are great. The problem is picking out the one that will be your gold mine. I am fighting that right now and I will let you guys know when I find it. Stay tuned to my new endeavor. I am seeing a lot of LLLL.net’s and LLLL.org’s selling in the $1k-$4k range. They have been selling for a while but I am noticing that these sales are becoming more and more over the last three months. I will be posting a list very soon of about 400 of these domains that are available. Below is the excerpt of the DailyFinance.com story. To read the full story click below:


In the Olympic marathon that is the world of online business, Investing.com wins the 2012 gold medal as the most expensive domain name sold this year — and one of the most expensive website names sold in the history of the Internet.

The news hit the wires Tuesday. Financial news company Forexpros.com (referring to the trading of foreign currencies) has broadened its business model by shelling out $2.45 million to acquire the Investing.com domain name.

According to the company, the website’s new owners intend to use Investing.com to offer “a complete and free resource for novice and semi-professional traders and investors.” Investing.com will offer real-time quotes and charts of stocks, bond, futures, commodities and currencies, as well as financial aid tools, calendars, and technical analysis in one virtual box.

All that will be offered to us at no charge. But it cost Forexpros.com a pretty penny to wrap it all up neatly in that memorable URL.

Still, Investing.com’s $2.45 million price tag may be this year’s largest — but it’s by no means the largest ever. Which led us to wonder: Exactly what kinds of domain names do people value more than “investing”?

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