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Is TNTNames.com your #1 place to find great domains?

I want to thank Domain Shane for mentioning us in his blog today. It was very well written. He mentions that TNTnames.com claims to be your #1 place to find domain names. I do believe that it is to the domainers that come back to our site every day going over the domain lists I gather. If you look over to the right hand side I have added a poll. I think I have added all of the websites that I know of that post lists of domains for people to either bid on or register. If I forgot someone domain blog that publishes domain lists let me know and I can add it. I figure this will be fun.

I guess after we see the results then we can decide who can write in their blog if they are #1 with domain lists or not. 🙂 lol.

In the end it really doesnt matter if we are #1 or #100. I am having a great time finding these domains for you guys and I do make a little bit of money doing it. Its not a lot of money but enough to buy a bottle of crown (Big Bottle) every month. lol. But really thank you guys for reading our blog.


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