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IsraelInfo.net sold for $12,146

Today: Just sold my first domain… / The future of “.ZILLA” Domains / What % of your assets are in domain names? / and more…

Here are the new discussions that caught my eye in the domain community today:

Buying .com names 20+ extensions taken – Budget: Up to $4,000.00 – Be sure to check your domain portfolio for one of these .com domains taken in over 20 other extensions. This could be an opportunity to liquidate for some fast reinvestment capital.

Share environmental domains – If you have any environmental related domain names in your portfolio, take a moment to share your best ones and check out what other environmental domain investors own.

The future of “.ZILLA” Domains – Are you investing into any .zilla new gTLD’s? What type of market research have you done? Compare notes with other .zilla domain investors and share some of your research data.

What % of your assets are in domain names? – When it comes to diversifying your asset investments in all sectors, what would you say your key percentage focus is for domain name assets versus other types of assets? Take a look at what some people are saying.

Just sold my first domain… – Do you remember when you sold your first domain name? This is a motivational story if you have a minute to read it.

IsraelInfo.net sold for $12,146 – That’s not a bad domain name sales report for a ten-letter, two-word, .net domain for five-figures. Do you think it should have sold for more or less than what it sold for?

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