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Kickstart Your Own Equity & Real Estate Crowdfunding Software With FundraisingScript

FundraisingScript.com announces the launch of two new products, equity crowdfunding and real estate crowdfunding softwares.

The website Fundraisingscript.com has announced the release of the new Equity Crowdfunding and Real Estate Crowdfunding software. Both software allow the venture investors and the real estate companies to start reliable and functional crowdfunding portals that are essential in these two domains of activity. The main role of these twocrowdfunding software is to assist the investors and real estate businesses to set up their own crowdfunding platforms in a matter of minutes. There is no need for advanced programming knowledge. Actually, you do not need to know programming to set up the two software on websites. Furthermore, both software were developed to ensure that the platforms offer security and stability for admins and project creators. The programs are easy to use and represent the perfect tools to start crowdfunding.

Equity Crowdfunding Software Key Features

This crowdfunding program was designed to offer the possibility for venture investors to set up an Equity or Investment Portal on their websites where the interested entities, such as entrepreneurs can resent their start-up businesses. Currently, there are numerous start-ups that are in in need of investments in order to develop and grow. The project creators have the chance to describe their start-up businesses and also their business activities (such as production or commercial activities), thus gaining visibility and trust in the eyes of potential stakeholders.

The Equity Crowdfunding Software was built in accordance to the guidelines of JOBS Act and SEIS Act of the United States and the United Kingdom. Both acts represent important landmarks in the history of modern outsourcing and will allow non-accredited investors to invest in start-up businesses. Investment crowdfunding will be much easier in the following years. However, the team that developed the Equity Crowdfunding website has invested a lot of energy and effort to make sure that the software is in accordance to the new laws and regulations.

Another essential feature offered by the Equity Crowdfunding software is represented by the ability to do multiple deals. Thus, the issuer will have the ability to choose multiple deals for his or her campaign. A relevant example would be the fact that the issuer can choose the most appropriate deal that suits his or her projects, such as equity, profit sharing, debt or it can be convertible to equity to attract the other investors.

Furthermore, the admin can receive, manage and confirm investment offers from different investors. This is a key feature that allows the admins to select and accept the offers that suit their projects and long-term business interests.
Some other attractive features are represented by the responsive design of the platform, and also the fact that it offers possibility to configure the platform with a secure payment gateway process that would suit any needs and expectations.

Real Estate Crowdfunding Software Main Features

The main role of this real estate crowdfunding program is to offer the possibility to build a reliable and easy to use portal that lists commercial and residential real estate projects. The real estate companies will be able to present and describe their real estate projects and allow people and businesses to invest their projects. This platform offers real estate businesses the opportunity to attract investors who seek greater returns, as the minimum investments are a bit higher than in the case of other crowdfunding schemes. Both project creators and investors can use the platforms in a transparent manner, which develops credibility and trust between both parties.

The Real Estate Crowdfunding Software was built on the same core principles and ideas as the Equity Crowdfunding program. It is also offering the real estate companies the possibility to set up a secure and multi-level platform. The platform was developed by a talented team of programmers and designers who had a specific interest in building a secure platform that could prevent hacks, SQL injections and other vulnerabilities that might occur in the case of other software.

About Us
Fundraisingscript.com represents a business that is developing and providing crowdfunding software for products, services and businesses. The purpose of fund raising software is to create and develop websites that are running fund raising projects. The software is developed by an enthusiastic and passionate team of web developers. The core interest Fundraisingscript.com is to help small businesses to start their own crowdfunding portals, in domains and business activities such as Equity (Investment), Real Estate, Reward, Donation and Lending. For more information regarding Fundraisingscript.com and their offered services, please visit: http://www.fundraisingscript.com, or you could visit their Facebook Page at: http://www.facebook.com/Fundraisingscript

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