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KV Spirits LLC Pays $750,000 for KorsVodka.com Domain Watchdog Websites Report

Noted for its “world’s most exclusive and expensive handmade limited edition vodka” Kors pays nearly $1 million for the domain name that will laud the benefits of the brand’s royal beginnings.

New York, NY (PRWEB) October 14, 2014

Reported as the second highest domain sale with the keyword Vodka in it, several websites includingVodkaBlog.net wrote about Kors Vodka news. Laying down $750,000 for the domain KorsVodka.com, KV Spirits LLC becomes a part of history in more ways than one. Made from the same old recipe that was enjoyed by the Royals over a century ago, Kors is known as being the most exclusive, handmade, limited edition Vodka, and is priced up to $24,500 per bottle.

Chris Harris, owner of a website that watches newsworthy domain transfers named DomainAnarchist.com said of the high priced transaction, “This is one of the highest priced domain sales in 2014. We believe it’s as extraordinary as the $3 million sale of Vodka.com in 2006. It’s certainly worth mentioning as a record-breaker of its own.” Harris adds that the dynamic sale was confirmed by several sources including the representatives of new owner KV Spirits and BH Escrow company who handled the transaction from an undisclosed seller.

KV Spirits LLC, a representative of Kors Vodka, reports sales to notables such as athletes, rappers, celebrities and business professionals with discriminating taste. Known as the “Tsar’s Vodka” due to it being distilled using the same century old recipe made for the Russian Tsar Nicholas II and King George V of England, the drink is unsurpassed. Made using an extraordinary diamond distillation process that includes water from Italian Alps running through real gold distillation tubes Kors Vodka becomes a forerunner in the industry. An experience all its own the vodka is stored in a luxurious presentation. Kors Vodka comes in a handmade crystal bottle with 24 karat gold decorations embellishing what is already a lovely showpiece in and of itself.

About DomainAnarchist.com:

DomainAnarchist.com was founded by Chris Harris to track, analyze and bring attention to extravagant domain sales. Springing from his immense knowledge of the industry Harris hopes to inspire discussion regarding a niche in the marketplace that generates billions of dollars every year.


3 Responses to KV Spirits LLC Pays $750,000 for KorsVodka.com Domain Watchdog Websites Report

  1. IMHO this is a bogus sale.
    KorsVodka.com was registered on Oct 25, 2012 and, as you can see from the Internet Archive, has been used until 2014 for a “Super Premium Luxury Vodka Reviews” site.
    “Kors Vodka” TM was registered in the US in 2013 (filing date: January 24, 2013, FIRST USE: 20121209. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 20121209.) by a Urska Krzisnik, INDIVIDUAL SLOVENIA Selo 49a, Crnice SI SLOVENIA, who appears to be a digital marketing professional.
    So KorsVodka.com was registered only slightly more than a month before the first use in commerce.
    Furthermore, Whois data before the purchase and before domain went under privacy showed the following registrant: Urska Krzisnik, and nameservers: NS1.ROCK-STAR.COM, NS2.ROCK-STAR.COM.
    This is the same person who registered the TM in 2013.
    So basically the TM is still registered to an individual based in Slovenia and not by the company which allegedly purchased the domain. Kinda weird, isn’t it?
    It would be interesting to know what kind of relations there are between the two parties.
    After the purchase, which allegedly took place after July 24, last day when you can still see a screenshot of the old site, the domain has KV Spirits LLC nameservers: NS1.KVSPIRITS.COM, NS2.KVSPIRITS.COM.

    Who mentally sane would ever pay 750,000 USD for a domain (only a domain, not a business) they can get for much less through a UDRP or an ordinary lawsuit, since in this case it’s not so hard to prove bad faith in use? (domain is not a generic, still used for vodka-related products also after the TM filing).
    Furthermore, the alleged buyer domain, KV Spirits (who defines itself as “a private group that specializes in creation and management of spirits brands from all over the world. Our areas of expertise are brand management, marketing, licensing and acquisition of new or already established brands.”), was created only on March 25, 2014 …

    You say that “sale was confirmed by several sources including the representatives of new owner KV Spirits and BH Escrow company who handled the transaction from an undisclosed seller.”
    IMHO, if Escrow transaction ever took place (we would need paper evidence of that), no money has really changed hands, since probably seller and buyer are the same entity, with seller represented by a third person/company.

    VodkaBlog.net says that “domain KorsVodka.com which has been listed for sale for the whooping price-tag of $1,200,000 on Sedo website. The final selling price was established at $750,000 and that is the amount KV Spirits LLC paid for the domain.”
    If a sale has been closed on Sedo platform, it should have been settled using Sedo internal escrow service … while they say they used BHescrow … and, if this is true, why using it instead of Sedo, where the domain was allegedly already listed?
    All this stuff is very suspicious, I think it’s just a big marketing pump-up trick, masked as sale.

    • TNTNAMES says:

      Very nice research. This is a press release I found today and it did look questionable. I posted it to basically say hey look at what these guys are saying is it BS or is it real? I will try and reach them and see if I can get some proof. Thanks for the awesome comment Andrea!

  2. If still we needed to get a proof that this is a bogus sale (actually we have enough evidence of that), Sedo just officially confirmed me that they are not responsible for the sale of KorsVodka.com.

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