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Launch of Hosting.Express: The “one-stop-shop” for hosting, domain names and websites

The launch of Hosting.Express marks a new Site Specialising in hosting, domain names, professional email accounts and websites; Hosting.Express offers an impressive selection of self-service solutions all within one platform. Hosting.Express is able to meet the needs of any company, regardless of their development stage or level of requirements, Hosting.Express

Having a long and rich background in electronics and various ITC fields since the 80’s, Gerry Bakker, founder of Hosting.Express, decided to tackle issues regarding hosting using an innovative approach by offering his clients a complete panel of products, Web services and localisation options for purchased hosting services. In the words of Gerry Bakker himself, “My goal was to offer an exhaustive suite of services that are all self-service and at reasonable prices. This stems from the idea that the majority of clients are looking for high quality services and products at affordable prices which require minimal configuration. This is why today I believe that a one-stop-shop of solutions supported with a comprehensive client help system is key.” To be able to execute such a plan, Mr. Bakker has aligned himself with the biggest hosting providers, domain names and connection service providers.

In doing so, Hosting.Express proves to be a one-stop-shop for hosting, domain names, professional email accounts and website concepts, thus making all solution combinations possible. “The needs of companies evolve over time, any given company can easily fly through this transition process by opting for new products and services as they grow without having to worry about re-entering any data, given the vast list of compatible solutions offered,” according to Gerry Bakker.

Hosting.Express offers solutions which are extremely easy to use, whatever the development stage of a company may be, as well as offers consulting and assistance services too. All of which are carried out through one unique management system which allows for administering the totality of solutions contracted by the client. As for purchasing multiple solutions, this can be done through one easy order. Also, the client can immediately reap the benefits of all existing solutions panels.

For clients looking for exclusive solutions, Hosting.Express is definitely not lacking. In fact, Hosting.Express is in the position to offer dedicated servers and assure content migration (for free) to clients who have large hosting needs. “I would further like to add that we possess data centres throughout the four corners of the globe, so our clients can choose where they want to store their data, which is important in terms of legislation that varies by country concerning activities carried out, connection speeds and data protection. We can also offer managed services to those in need”, explains the platform’s founder. Hosting.Express has formed a partnership with the web design company DONE, based in Luxembourg, who has conceived the never before seen approach of “Website as a Service”, in order to better create high quality websites. This business model consists of handling the personalised creation and complete management of a company’s website and its visibility on the Net. That Company makes this possible by proposing a very affordable monthly rate plan. Press release by Hosting.Express

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