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Leading Chinese domain registrar moves to a .WIN domain extension

Foshan YiDong Network Co. is convinced that .WIN is great for business

Thursday, 10th March 2016, Gibraltar: Almost without exception, if you are a domain name registrar, you will be obliged to ‘eat your own dog food’, at least once! Eating your own dog food, or ‘dogfooding’ as it has more recently become known is when a producer consumes its own product. In the domain name industry, Registries are obliged and Registrars almost certainly have to operate a website, which means owning a domain name.

For businesses that make a living from selling domain names, Registrars often make a pretty poor job of owning and managing their own domain name portfolio. Some started, back in the day, by using the ‘phonebook technique’, oft employed by plumbers and other tradespeople, of selecting their company name alphabetically (so that they are at the top of the phone directory and catch more passing traffic, great for 1aplumbing Inc). Unfortunately, the internet doesn’t work that way. Nowadays, things are more sophisticated but not all registrars are at the forefront of internet traffic manipulation.

One registrar that takes great care over the selection and promotion of its domain names is Foshan DiYong Network Co. Ltd, a well-respected Chinese domain name registrar. This leading registrar has decided to base the location of its new platform to www.72.win. The .WIN domain ending is one of the most popular new-style domain extensions, known as new generic Top Level Domains and sometimes humorously referred to as ‘NotComs’.

“We are over the moon with the growth of the .WIN domain extension,” said Richard Downs, VP of Sales at Famous Four Media. “We are especially pleased that Foshan DiYong Network Co. Ltd, an experienced domain registrar has acquired www.72.win and is making this great domain name the location of its presence on the web. The acquisition of one of our premium domain names by an industry insider reinforces the goals of the new gTLD program and the .WIN extension in particular.”

Famous Four Media, which is one of the world’s largest new gTLD registry management companies, has recently seen a rapidly increasing contribution from Asia, far outstripping European demand.

“We are delighted to have acquired 72.win. As we enter the year of the monkey, 72.win is the ideal new web-address for our website combining, good fortune and innovation,” said Foshan DiYong director Jing WU. “The .WIN domain extension is one of the fastest growing, innovative Top Level Domains and Foshan is proud and excited to make its new home on the internet on .WIN.”

Since its launch in September 2015, the .WIN registry has grown at a tremendous rate and now has over 800,000 domain names registered in it a large proportion coming from Asia, China in particular.

Famous Four Media managed registries comprise 15 new gTLD extensions including .WIN, .BID, and .LOAN. Domain names can be registered through Famous Four Media’s network of ICANN accredited registrars.

Florin Novac

About Famous Four Media
Famous Four Media Limited (www.famousfourmedia.com) was set up in 2011 by a group of recognized domain name experts and successful financiers to actively provide products and services to TLD Registry operators under ICANN’s new generic Top Level Domains (“gTLD”) program.

Drawing on the best from both Registries and Registrars, Famous Four Media’s management team has extensive experience in the domain name industry having successfully launched, operated, marketed and run generic TLDs under previous rounds and having managed some of the largest corporate and retail domain name registrars in the world.

The 24 gTLD applications, that are currently under Famous Four Media management, include some of the most interesting and valuable domain suffixes, such as .ACCOUNTANT, .BID, .CHARITY, .CRICKET, .DATE, .DOWNLOAD, .FAITH, .LOAN, .MEN, .PARTY, .RACING, .REVIEW, .SCIENCE, .STREAM, .TRADE, .WEBCAM and .WIN

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