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LLL .io markets

Today: Strange looking Domain names still selling today / CrosswordPuzzles.com sold for $249,980 / Whois data GONE in the USA on May 25, 2018 / And more!

Here are the new discussions that caught my eye in the domain community today:

Domains with revenue from parking – This investor is looking to buy some revenue generating domain names. Be sure to check out their guidelines and get your domains over for consideration.

Congrats buyer, you’ve bought a great domain for dirt cheap – Did this buyer get a good deal at $2,500.00 or did they overpay? How good of a deal was this, really?

Crypto domain .co sold @ BIN 500 USD – Looks like there might be a little money in crypto domain names after all. Is this a real sales report or is it hyped?

Whois data GONE in the USA on May 25, 2018 – It’s official! Whois data is going bye-bye soon and it will be more difficult to identify the owner of a domain asset. Are you ready for it?

Strange looking Domain names still selling today – Has anyone else been seeing the same type of strange looking domains using an extra letter like “i” selling like crazy? Is this trend still going strong in today’s markets?

CrosswordPuzzles.com sold for $249,980 – Wow! Someone just made a quarter million dollars! This is the type of six-figure sales report that gets you motivated.

LLL .io markets – Are you a three letter .io ccTLD investor? Share and compare notes with other like-minded .io investors and see what others are doing successfully.

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