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LogicBoxes Announces Pioneer Registrar Program

Program meant exclusively for ICANN Accredited Registrars offers domain automation outsourcing and access to a suite of innovative Registrar tools & services along with strategic investment opportunities.

LogicBoxes, a leading provider of domain automation solutions, today announced the launch of its Pioneer Registrar Program. Designed for ICANN Accredited Registrars, the program helps them outsource registrar platform management while gaining access to a suite of innovative Domain Registrar tools and services.

Over the past few years, more and more Registrars are choosing to outsource their Registrar Platform Automation and focus almost entirely on their business and marketing strategies. For many, what started out as a simple, one-time development task of building an in-house platform has become non-scalable because of the resources required for numerous NewgTLD integrations and changing ICANN requirements. Coupled with the ever-increasing costs of maintaining, running and upgrading a platform, many Registrars are now looking to outsource their day-to-day automation needs.

The Pioneer Registrar Program is an ecosystem designed for Domain Registrars who either have in-house platforms or are outsourcing their automation needs. End-to-end automation is managed by OrderBox – a reputable and robust platform that currently powers over 10 Million Domain Names and has over 100 distinguished Registrars and over 550,000 Resellers on board including Active Registrar, HostGator, UK2 Group, Webair, MailClub, etc.

 About LogicBoxes: LogicBoxes (http://www.logicboxes.com) is a Technology & Consultancy Company providing Business Solutions exclusively to large players of the Domains and Web Services Industry – including New gTLD & ccTLD Registries, ICANN Registrars, Large Web Hosts and Domain Resellers. LogicBoxes’ renowned turnkey SaaS solution – OrderBox, provides end-to-end business automation to 100+ Registrars and 550,000+ Resellers and powers over 10 Million domains across the world. LogicBoxes is also the world’s premiere ICANN Accreditation Consultancy provider.


The Program also offers many innovative services that a Registrar can use, including the Registry Wallet – a tool to easily manage funds across all Domain Registries, and Anytime Support – white-labeled support for end customers. Registrars are also equipped with a suite of 10+ high-margin web products that they can offer to their existing user base.

Through his program, Registrar partners can also avail themselves of strategic investment opportunities fromLogicBoxes to boost their marketing and expansion efforts.

“We’ve been using the OrderBox platform from LogicBoxesfor more than 8 years now,” said Pavel Blotsky, Managing Director at Imena.ua. “Outsourcing operations toLogicBoxes has not only helped us focus on growing our business and getting more customers but also ensured that we’re using an industry-leading platform that is continuously adding new features.”

“It has been a breeze for us to sell New gTLDs to customers this past year,” said Mr. Adam Lee, Director at Shinjiru MSCSdn Bhd. “LogicBoxes’ seamless handling of New gTLDintegrations and the volume at which they’ve been added on the platform has helped us focus on marketing NewgTLDs and improving business volumes.”

Siddharth Taliyan, Director – Business Development atLogicBoxes commented, “LogicBoxes has been a long-time sponsor at ICANN events and we’ve seen an increase in the number of Registrars that want to skip the hassle of continuously upgrading and managing their platform. The Pioneer Registrar Program is designed to help Registrars navigate and succeed in today’s world. Registrars can focus on getting customers & SMBs online while we help manage their day-to-day operations.”

LogicBoxes will be attending the ICANN Conference at Dublin next week. Interested Registrars can meet the LogicBoxes Team at Booth #7 to discuss strategy and growth opportunities.

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