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Looking for Buyers Weekly Post!

Last week I had asked for fellow domainers like you to send me requests for possible domains that they wanted to purchase. I sent the domain buyers to the TNTNames.com Domain Finding Service request page here:


Well to me it was very successful as I received a few domain buy requests and received about 25 names to submit to one particular buyer. You can see the request I sent out today here:


I have submitted all of the domains to the buyer and I’am awaiting a response and will reply to all of the submissions as soon as I hear from him.

I would love to keep this going and am asking for some more Domain Buy Requests. If you are an investor looking for a to spend $xx,xxx for a brandable domain or just someone looking to spend a few hundred dollars on a certain niche we want to hear from you! I will respond to all potential domain requests and will post them a few days after each request. I will keep these posts to once a week to not overwhelm the domain community.

If you are a legitimate buyer please submit your Domain Name Wanted here: http://www.tntnames.com/domain-finding-service

If you only want to email me please let me know the following:

Domain Vertical ie: Car Insurance, Investing etc…

Budget: Need a max budget (If you are looking for multiple domains please specify the max for each domain.

Time Frame: How soon you need the particular domain

Email Address/ Phone Number – Please just email me these details to tntnames@cox.net or fill out the form noted above.

I will be standing by to post what domain vertical is being asked for early next week. I want to thank all of you again and cant wait to see what happens next!

Thank you!



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