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Looking to buy a good quality .org domain

Today: I buy domains in bulk / Host.app sold for 12,000 EUR / GET FREE .BLOG DOMAIN FOR 1 YEAR / And more!

Here are the new discussions that caught my eye in the domain community today:

MallPlus.com sold for $3,600 – That’s not too bad of a four-digit sales report. I would have guessed it might have sold for more as a brand.

Domain profits for the last six months – Care to share your last six months of domain related profits? Check out what other investors profited and compare notes.

Inward.com – Seems like an ok .com. Not all dictionary words are created equal, as you know. How much would you appraise this one for in today’s markets?

Host.app sold for 12,000 EUR – Who was it that said the new gTLD .app extension wouldn’t do any good? Check out this five digit Host.app sales report.

GET FREE .BLOG DOMAIN FOR 1 YEAR – If you were wanting to test the resale waters of the new gTLD .blog but didn’t want to pay for it, check out this 1-year free offer.

I buy domains in bulk – Do you have a bunch of domain names getting closer to expiration and want to sell them all off before renewals hit? This guy might buy them all from you if they are cheap enough.

Looking to buy a good quality .org domain – Be sure to double check your portfolio for a quality .org domain name. This buyer is looking to take it off your hands today if the price is right.

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