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MarijuanaNames.org Announces New Community for the Emerging Legal Marijuana Marketplace

New Google+ Community is launched to encourage communication, collaboration and sales in the marijuana domain name marketplace.

http://MarijuanaNames.org, a web site by World Wide Web, Inc. announces a recently launched Google+ community devoted specifically to the Marijuana Domain Names sales niche.

Andi Robertson, Vice President of Business Development confirms: “There was a definite need in the cannabis industry for a community whereby investors, sellers and end users of marijuana domain names could communicate and collaborate. As legalization emerges and creates a brand-new industry, entrepreneurs often have the same questions regarding the regulations for web site hosting, trademark protection, as well as valuations of any given name.”

The FREE community forum located at http://tinyurl.com/jcr2z2l is open to the public without any fees or subscriptions.

Robertson continues, “We want to encourage use as an open forum. Some of our current users are marijuana domain name speculators, while others are specifically involved in direct cannabis product categories such as vaporizers, medicine containers within compliance, or product testing.

We have seen immense interest in cannabis dispensary names, but also significant interest in marijuana domain names related to ancillary products including grow lights, books, hydroponic systems, edibles and legal services. As in other rapid growth gold-rush economies, there are lucrative niches to be exploited by the marijuana entrepreneur.

There is sometimes intense competition in the Marijuana Domains Community, but there is also a true feeling of comradery as a rising tide will float all boats.”

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