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Marshmallow.com sold for $12,500

Today: Removing Domains from Parking to Develop instead / LLL.co.uk domains dropping soon / Sold IPOs.io for $3200 / And more!

Here are the new domain discussions and domain news.

Parking and Revenue but no clicks – My assessment is that they got paid for page impressions, which would explain why there were no clicks logged. Have you ever gotten paid for impressions and not clicks using a parking company?

A Domain disappeared from closeouts? – Has this ever happened to you? That perfect domain asset you wanted has been sitting there for days, you finally go to get it and Bam! it’s gone.

CarPrices.info – Not a bad .info gTLD but not that popular of one either. It’s a very saturated market that everyone is trying to tap into. So, is there any value in a domain like CarPrices.info when you have to compete with NADA and Blue Book?

Removing Domains from Parking to Develop instead – Is this a good or bad strategy? In your experience, have you had any success with developing a domain name instead of parking it? What are the pros and cons?

LLL.co.uk domains dropping soon – If you’re into three leter.co.uk ccTLD investments you may want to check out the drops lists to see what you can grab.

Sold IPOs.io for $3200 – Not a bad sale for a four-letter .io ccTLD like this one. I think the buyer may have slightly overpaid on this deal (If it wasn’t an end user).

Marshmallow.com sold for $12,500 – The buyer got a great deal on that domain asset. Marshmellow.com could have easily gotten double what the buyer paid. Just goes to show that there are still some great aftermarket deals to be had out there.

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