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Memphis Real Estate Agent Launches Site Selling Brandable Domain Names

A Memphis real estate agent has launched a website NamePerfection.com. The site will sell brandable domains names for startups, ecommerce sites, and entrepreneurs.

(PRWEB) June 19, 2013

A Memphis Real Estate Agent has launched NamePerfection.com in order to sell brandable domain names for startups, companies, and e-commerce sites.

In a clear indication the brandable domain name market has reached a fervor pitch with new sites launching monthly, Memphis real estate agent David Sandy has launched NamePerfection.com.

David said, “I originally started listing names on the leading site and had a bunch of really awesome leftover names. I also wanted to get some fun names and lower priced names out there. I’m listing some bargains for under $500, unlike most of these sites which try to charge several thousand for everything, but at the same time I’m trying to keep a decent level of quality.”

Brandable domain names involve plays on word or completely made up names. All these sites focus exclusively on the .com tld which David stated was still the gold standard. Unlike the majority of brandable domain sites, NamePerfection will carry a greater variety of more specific name for niche uses such as mendly.com or pollsy.com. It’s hoped that this will allow NamePerfection to act as a idea generator for startups and new ideas.

David stated he viewed the curation factor as the critical factor in the success of any brandable domain site with the leading site having under 1500 names and Name Perfection having just reached 350. The benefits of curation include the ease of shopping experience versus traditional domain selling sites with inventories in the millions, a consistency of price, and being able to effectively compare domains and ideas.

There has been a boom in brandable domain sites lately with several launched in the last year. NamePerfection.com hopes to compete by offering a substantial inventory of good quality with most brandable sites only having between 25-200 names. In addition, unlike most sites that offer a logo as a value added feature Name Perfection has the logos designed in house or by offshore outsourcers at minimal cost. David stated that he believed most of the logos offered at brandable domain sites wouldn’t be useable by an end user and spending money on them wasn’t a good value for anyone. In addition, currently Name Perfection holds all in house inventory which will allow it to offer innovative guarantees and domain leasing options.

When questioned if being based in Memphis rather than a serious startup hub would be an impediment David stated that with the internet people from all over the world could buy domain names, though being able to press the flesh might lead to a few sales. He plans to promote the site using SEO, press releases, and whiteboard videos. In addition, David said that concerns he wouldn’t be able to follow up with his real estate business were misplaced since domaining only took around ten hours a week.

About NamePerfection

Founded by real estate agent David Sandy, a former private practice lawyer and current entrepreneur, NamePerfection sells a curated collection of brandable, startup, and Ecommerce domain

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