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Mike Mann Sells over $100k In Domains

Mike Mann just posted some of his recent sales on his Facebook feed and man they are impressive! Currently checking on when these sales were made. Will update this post as soon as we get an answer back from Mike! ***Mike responded back saying these are sales for the last few weeks!.

Check it out below:

A mountain of electronic assets being sold. Sold MountainElectronics.com$8000. Purch 4/4/2012 $70

Harvesting and selling the best .Com properties. Sold HarvestProperties.com $12,500. Purchased 7/19/11 $500

Closer, with triple cherry on top. Sold TripleCherry.com $19,888. Purch 20/3/2013 $9.

I see the foundation of a business model. Sold SeaFoundation.com $19,888. Purch 10.30.12 $200

An eagle eye for the birdie. Sold PelicanGolfClub.com $9888. Purch 2/2/12 $12

With a silken touch, sold SilkenTouch.com $5000. Purch 1/29/04 $200

Be amazed and jptm. Sold BeAmazed.com $34,888. Purch 2/21/05 $350

Every day is charity day to me. Sold CharityDay.com $14,888. Purch 10.13.11 $70

Seriously U See How Mike Accelerates. Sold SUSHMA.com $10,000. Purch 5/8/11 $190

Congratulations on these awesome sales Mike Mann!

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